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Swaroop Industry was established in 2013. We are a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of tablet napkins. The napkin is actually a high quality hand towel, which has been compressed with enormous pressure into a tiny tablet. Pour a little water on napkin and, in seconds, it will blossom into a fragrance filled, eco friendly hand towel. In its compressed form, the napkin is so small that a bunch of them could easily fit in a purse, glove compartment or even a golf bag. 

Swaroop industry has state of the art technology for the manufacturing of products with domestic as well as international application. One of the many products we manufacture is the saral magic napkin. A product which has revolutionized the overall process of using wipes. It is a product with universal application being used in many different sectors like: hospitality, aviation, corporate, medical and of course general household.

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