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Saral Premium Fabric Napkins are dry tissue which comes in Green Apple Fragrance with the napkin size of 21 cm X 20 cm. These napkins can be used as Wipes,Tissues or Towels in numerous industries with diverse applications. Saral Fabric Napkins commands many unique advantages compared to ordinary water/paper tissue. The ordinary water tissue contains preservatives and anti-bacteria which may cause allergic reactions, rashes, skin diseases and other side effects. These preservatives and anti-bacteria also produce uncomfortable scent after the usage. Furthermore, when stored for a length of period the ordinary water tissue is much easier to spread out bacteria and other fungus. However, Saral Fabric Napkins cannot be contaminated by any germs and bacteria. It is made from high quality 100% Natural Pulp Rayon which makes it much softer, durable and degradable and 100% healthy and safe for all skin types.


  • Material: 100% Pulp Rayon
  • Fragrance: Green Apple
  • Package Quantity: 50 Pulls box
  • Safe for all types of skin

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