Table Dispenser
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Table Dispenser is a Tablet Napkin Accessory which makes it extremely easy to use our Compressed Napkin anywhere. Now just refill this dispenser with water and tablet tissue and place it on a table. No need to search for water as this Table Dispenser will not just store Magic Tissue  but water as well. Just press the push button which will fully automate the process the using Table Tissue. 


  1. Fill the Dispenser with water 
  2. Store the required number of Tablet Napkins in the Dispenser 
  3. When required, take out a Tablet Napkin from the Dispenser and put it in the space provided at the top 
  4. Press the Push Botton of the Dispenser to pour water on the Napkin
  5. The Compressed Napkin will automatically expands in the space provided
  6. Take out the Tablet Tissue, Unfold it and Use it.

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