Magic Napkins

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The beauty of alluring sand of South Beach, Miami is a rocking hub to many beach hangouts. The turquoise waters, the skyscrapers, beach hotels, pubs and nightclubs, miles of white sand shapes it as a tuneful vibe for a never ending party.

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Magical, some journeys are.

The Motabazar market was densely populated on a Sunday. A wayward gaze took me to a restaurant. A family of four had finished dining. As the waiter cleared out the dishes, the little girl reached out to the paper napkins to wipe her hands.

One napkin lead to another and the little girl took about five napkins to wipe her hands. Unhappy with the results, she took a closer look to inspect her hands. The smell of the biryani hadn’t left. Annoyed, the little girl jumped out of her seat and innocently, showed her hands to her mother.

The mother smiled. She got up to take her child to the wash basin.

The incident paved the way for an idea.

A dining table is a magical place. The delicacies, the taste, the conversations, the emotions. So much happens in such a small space. It is simply magic in a nutshell.

There is, however, no magic when it comes to wiping hands.

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If mobile phones are a plausible source of infection, why do healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses (even patients) use them?

“If there’s a phone with staph aureus bacteria on it, someone’s going to get staph”.

Because mobile phones have largely replaced the traditional usage of pagers or hospital-networked computers in most operation rooms. Not only so, people are increasingly glued to their phones that very often they cannot separate themselves from the reality of where they are – including hospitals, which is leading to a spread of hospital-acquired infections.