Saral Magic Napkin is a coin shaped, hydraulic compressed dry tissue which magically converts into a full size fragrant wet napkin after pouring water on it. This unique innovative product can be used as Wipes, Napkins, Tissues or Towels in numerous industries with diverse applications.  
Saral Magic Napkins commands many unique advantages compared to ordinary water tissue. The ordinary water tissue contains preservatives and anti-bacteria which may cause allergic reactions, rashes, skin diseases and other side effects. These preservatives and anti-bacteria also produce uncomfortable scent after the usage. Furthermore, when stored for a length of period the ordinary water tissue is much easier to spread out bacteria and other fungus. However, Saral Magic Napkin, when in dried coin shaped form, cannot be contaminated by any germs and bacteria. It is made from high quality 100% Natural Pulp Rayon which makes it much softer, durable and degradable and 100% healthy and safe for all skin types. 


Saral Magic Napkin comes in a variety of packaging just to ensure that you order the optimum quantity according to your requirement. We have in house packaging facility which develops customize packages for different quantities of Magic Napkin.  


Swaroop Industry is the only company in India which manufactures Tablet Napkins in variety of fragrances at its own state of the art manufacturing unit. We have the expertise, experience and R&D to develop and manufacture Fragrant Tablet Tissues.
Since inception, we have a come a long way in product innovation. We strive to continuously challenge  the status quo with our continuous research and innovation which helps us to be much ahead of our competitors. This has helped us in manufacturing Fragranced Tablet Napkins in Lemon and Green Apple Fragrances.   


Swaroop Industry strives to provide end to end solution for Napkin/Tissue industry. From manufacturing to packaging to accessories, we bring complete innovation at your doorstep. Our aim is not just to manufacture the Tablet Tissue but we put our research team in thinking how we can make it easy for our customers to use our product. This has what has always kept us way ahead of our competitors. 

These accessories will make it extremely easy for you to use this innovative product. No need to search for water as these accessories will not just store Magic Tissue but water as well. Now it becomes more easy to use Saral Magic Napkin anywhere and anytime.